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Plant Biology Information
Aimed at university level plant biologists; this site aims to be the one stop site for all your botany needs. It also carries information on university faculty and a garden flower section for the more casual user.

Rock microscopes
Ore Microscopes .com has a good selection of ore polarized light microscopes for sale. These ore microscopes are great for geology and petrology studies as they are primarily used for rock and mineral identification and analysis.

Special Microscopy Equipment
Specialty Microscopes is your solution for obtaining the harder to find microscopy equipment. We sell a wide variety of microscopes for medical, research, educational, and quality assurance purposes.

Metallographic microscopes
Metallurgical Microscopes is your source for finding microscopes for viewing metallic grain structures using epi-illumination.

Articulating boom microscopes
Boom Microscopes is your one stop source for high quality 3D stereoscopic microscopes mounted on boom stands.

TOKU-E - The Evolution of Biopurity
TOKU-E is a supplier of high-purity antibiotics for biotechnology applications as selective antimicrobial reagents. TOKU-Es facilities include locations in the United States, Europe, China and Singapore.